How to retain your best software developers

(Real survey data)

The great news is by implementing small changes from culture through to training you can improve your retention rate.

Finding the best software developers is a huge challenge but with rapidly rising salaries, remote work culture and a lot of competition - how do you retain your best developers?

A real survey of 65,000 developers

25% of jobs actively advertised now are for software developers

Are a high salary and good benefits enough to retain developers?

Does remote working really play that much of a factor into retaining devs?

How you can adjust company culture and improve retention rate

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Contract Devs have consistently been able to provide high quality, full-stack developers to assist with our continued growth.  The process is so efficient and streamlined that we’re able to go from CV review to start date within a week.  This has been a huge help in allowing us to keep up with our ever-growing resourcing needs.

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Development Manager, SureView Systems Ltd

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How to retain your best developers

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