We connect fast growth software companies with excellent developers faster than ever seen before.

Our values


As a fast growing business, our clients and partners mean everything to us.  Every relationship we have as a business is built on trust and we make sure to always go above and beyond to maintain these relationships.


We are in the people business and our whole team are constantly speaking to potential new clients. Maintaining a high level of service is the backbone of our success.


Our mission is to show our clients that 3 month recruitment cycles are a thing of the past.  In order to do this, we work quickly in every area of our business to always deliver quality at speed.


Working quickly is one thing, but working quickly without delivering quality is pointless.  Our whole system is about working with the best clients and the best developers.

Our Story

Our two co-founders, Elliot and Simon, were working together in the digital agency world and were constantly experiencing huge developer shortages and frustrating recruitment processes.

Coming from sales and tech backgrounds, Elliot and Simon came up with the idea for Contract Devs to abolish 3 month recruitment cycles for good. We knew that once we had connections to the best software developers available globally, we would be able to fill the huge skills gap in the UK market.

We are proud to say we have created a global network of talented software developers and have successfully placed multiple contract developers at some of the UK's most exciting SaaS and Digital Agency businesses.

We are constantly pursuing the mission we set out to achieve: providing high quality developers quicker than ever seen before.  Currently, we fill any software developer vacancy that comes our way in under one week. Our biggest achievement to date is having a 100% customer retention rate meaning every client we work with has come back for at minimum, a second hire.

If you would like to speak with either Elliot or Simon to find out more or if you think we may be able to help you, please do reach out. We love speaking to exciting businesses about how we can help!

Meet the team

Contract Devs have consistently been able to provide high quality, full-stack developers to assist with our continued growth.  The process is so efficient and streamlined that we’re able to go from CV review to start date within a week.  This has been a huge help in allowing us to keep up with our ever-growing resourcing needs.

luke jenkins

Development Manager, SureView Systems Ltd

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