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If you're looking for a top web developer for hire, our talent pool is where the UK’s leading agencies find web developers with experience in working on the top projects through a development team hired on flexible terms. One of the biggest challenges that digital agencies face is having the right development team to service all contracted work, especially when the flow of projects can vary meaning sometimes you only need certain skills for a short period of time.  How do you find highly talented individuals to work with you without incurring expensive recruitment company fees while also being able to hit your delivery deadlines for clients? That's what we are here for!

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Our developers are specialists in (but are not limited to):

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When you hire programmer expertise with ContractDevs there are no recruitment fees and no retainer costs - you simply tell us the exact skill-set that you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.  Within 5 days we will come back to you with a minimum of 3 relevant CVs ready of people ready to get started for you to interview.

Do freelancers keep letting you down?

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Looking to Hire Freelance Developers?

Hiring freelance developers to work alongside your existing team and deliver to client specifications can be a daunting prospect.  However, with our top resource pool, we have huge language skill sets available to work on all projects of any size.

When hiring developer talent from ContractDevs we make sure that only the best developers, those who are the best fit for your development projects, are put forward for you to review - your dedicated resource manager will personally screen all relevant candidates that match the development and the skill set you have requested, which ensures only the top candidates reach your inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my digital agency relationship with contractdevs confidential?

Absolutely - 100% yes.  Currently, we work with some of the UK's leading digital agencies who hire dedicated developers from us so they can scale-up (and down) as and when required to meet their project pipeline demand.  When you hire developers through ContractDevs we will never mention your company name when searching for your resources and we also will not use you in any of our case studies or portfolio showcases once you have successfully completed a project with a top programmer from us.

How are there no recruitment fees to hire software developers?

We do not charge a recruitment fee when you are hiring a software developer with us as we are not a recruitment company.  Our range of Europe's top developers work on a contract basis purely for the duration of your project whether that is for 4 weeks or 4 months, it makes no difference to us.  Our key goal is to help you hire the best development staff that fits your budget, requirements, and delivers the best final web development project you or your client could hope for.

ContractDevs has a simple flat-rate % fee that we put on the hourly rate of all our developers - this ranges from 5% - 15% depending on the skill level of said developer and the length of a contract.  Please keep in mind that even with our small flat rate % we are still a cheaper solution than any recruitment company in the UK market and also have the ability to move 10x faster.

Do we qualify for the government R&D tax relief when recruiting developer candidates from contractdevs?

Absolutely!  We are what is classed as a 'qualifying subcontractor' meaning that whatever you spend with us when sourcing a top software developer for hire for your development projects, you are able to submit a claim back to the UK Government R&D incentive for roughly 35% of your total spend with us.  Read more about the Research & Development scheme on the HMRC website.

What is a 'flexible contract' and what does it mean exactly?

When you are looking to recruit the top development talent on a part-time or full-time basis you may be concerned about getting tied into lengthy complicated contracts - this is not how we operate.  Our flexible contracts mean that you can start and finish a relationship with us whenever you choose.  We are trusted by the top digital agencies' senior technical team and understand that plans, projects, and timelines change and our services are fully flexible around your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

When looking to recruit software developers or hire a web developer freelance for flexibility, you must take into account whether you are looking for a front or back-end engineer, the framework experiences, years of industry experience with said programming languages, and also the geographical location of said developer.  Prices also vary depending on if you are looking in the West or East of Europe.

Where can i find online programmers for hire?

You can find a developer via the many freelancer marketplaces online at your disposal when researching hiring a developer, but we strongly advise against using them.  It's very difficult to filter through all of the web developer applications you will receive from all across the world and as such we see many companies make bad decisions.  ContractDevs is a service that makes finding software developers for hire easy, with many of our teams ready to start work within 5 days.

How do i recruit a freelance developer?

When hiring developers for a long period of time freelancers may seem like a great alternative to recruiting in-house however, finding the right expert who fits for your project can be extremely time-consuming.  ContractDevs has a huge pool of top web development resources available through our talent pool to help you find software developers that are not only a culture fit but extremely good with the tech stack you are working on.  When hiring software developers through ContractDevs you can guarantee you are not getting a freelancer, but a highly skilled individual from a world-leading development team that is fully dedicated to your project for the duration you require them.

How does hiring software engineers on a short term contract work?

We can help you find a software developer for a period of 4 weeks through to 6 months that has never been easier - simply submit your requirements to our team and your dedicated resource manager will get started right away.  First, we will sign a strict NDA between ContractDevs and your digital agency so that we can proceed to give you complete peace of mind and confidence that your customers will never know you are using external resources to help you deliver their project.  Secondly, your resource manager will come back to you within 5 days and have 3 relevant candidates who are ready to get started immediately on your project - and it's as simple as that.

Your allocated Resource Manager will provide you 3 CVs of contractors that fit your agencies needs within 5 days.